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Super Wash Ball

Super Wash Ball+ has been well developed and researched for over 10 years. Ceramic based laundry ball out in the market today used our Patent Technology.

The washing ball is designed with a circular shape in order to prevent possible damage to the laundry. This is a very hygienic product which contains antibacterial ingredients and has effective ability to eliminate bacteria, mold and other harmful substances to the inner of washer and laundry as well to increase the cleaning effect of water(Alkaline).

These washing balls has as much cleaning effect to laundry without any detergents by lowering surface or interfacial tension.

This rubbing effect of water and laundry increases the cleaning and deodorizing power by activating water through the influence of wavelength energy of far infrared rays and etc. which the function is contained in the ceramic ball to emit.

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Super Wash Ball+ Function

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Patent Ceramic Technology attracts dirt and soil to its Ceramic Balls Inside the Super Wash Ball+ there is Nano Silver Technology to kill germs and Bacteria

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Negative ion & Anti-Bacteria are forced to come out by the collision & friction of Whirling water

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Negative ion reduce the surface tension of water and therefore increase the permeability and cleaning power

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Patent Nano Ceramic Technology breaks down water clusters to increase seeping power

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Soil & dirt come out easily from the fiber and disperse in water

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Even without use of detergent, clothes remain clean & fresh


When the product is in contact with water, the ceramic which is contained in the wash ball releases electrons, thus forms active oxygen and hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water). Also known as oxidization.

01H2O + e- ⇒ H+ (hydrogen ion) + OH- (hydroxyl group ion)

02O2 + e- ⇒ O2 - (active oxygen)

03O2 - + H2O ⇒ OH- + HO2
           HO2 + H2 ⇒ H+ H2O2 (oxygenated water)

The electrons released from the ceramic, dissolves water and performs purification repeatedly.

During the process of wash, the grouping of water molecules are fragmented into tiny elements, thus increasing the water’s dissolution power and enabling better penetration into the fabric’s pores resulting in elimination of dirt.

The dirt dissolution power and power to seep through the laundry become stronger as the cluster created by the wash ball disconnects and reduces the coupling of hydrogen and oxygen. The surfactant effect increase so that washing with using only a small amount of detergent (optional) becomes possible.

The temperature rises as the ceramic balls contained in the wash ball emits infrared rays that are absorbed by the water molecules which increase the activity of the water as well as cleaning power.

The ceramic balls in the wash ball is made with various composition such as K, Na, AI203, SiO2 which are Water molecules that are activated during the wash and are absorbed into the laundry which provide protection against phenomena of oxidation and preserves the fabric’s elasticity and color.

The small aggregated structure of the water molecules and the presence of the active oxygen and hydrogen peroxide enables the bleaching and anti-bacterial effect. It also destroys mold, bacteria and eliminates odor.

Replacing the use of detergent with Wash Ball can reduce much more pollution that is usually generated by waste water created during the process of washing in the machine with synthetic detergent.

Environmental Facts

Fact on how harmful chemical based laundry detergents can hurt the environment:

Article: “Harmful Side Effects of Laundry Detergent” by Janelle Elizabeth

Many of the ingredient chemicals found in laundry detergents are far from healthy . One such common chemical found in laundry detergent are petroleum distillates, or napthas. Having been linked to cancer, lung damage and/or inflammation, and mucous membrane damage, this is a very harmful chemical. Along the same lines, another family of harmful chemicals are phenols. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has declared that phenol is toxic to people, especially those who are hypersensitive. The hypersensitive population could experience very dangerous side effects or even death, even at low exposures. Additionally, it can absorb very rapidly, causing toxicity through the whole body. Should phenol be absorbed into the body, death and toxicity are prone to attack the central nervous system, heart, blood vessels, lungs and kidneys.

Many who have families do laundry on such a frequent basis that these dangers posed by toxins should not go ignored. As the awareness grows for the dangers of the chemicals found in laundry detergents and other similar products, companies will have to shift their focus to a greener, safer line of goods.
In order to reduce the use of these potentially harmful products, alternatives are constantly being developed that aim to be environmentally friendly, and healthier for us.


Discover the healthier and environmentally friendly alternative way of washing your laundry.

We would like to free ourselves from the environmentally damaging and chemically enhanced laundry detergent.
Did you know the fact that 400 gallons of water is wasted just to purify pollution of water created by Laundry Detergent?
One of the leading causes for skin rash that millions of people in the U.S. suffer from is because of the harsh chemicals in regular detergents.

Chemical Free Super Wash Ball+ will help you and your family to prevent these type of disease caused by chemical detergent and you can also be proud that you are doing something good for our environment.
We believe in preserving the nature. Try our Super Wash Ball+ washing ball today absolutely risk free!  BUY NOW!

Protect Your Skin
The problem of skin irritation which is usually caused by chemical detergent residue left on clothing after washing the laundry is 100% resolved because the Super Wash Ball+ does not contain any detergent. Also Hypo-allergenic.
Protect Your Clothes
The Super Wash Ball+ laundry ball protects oxidation and discoloration of fabric caused by chloride in city water and also helps to retain the elasticity of fabric.
Bacterial- Free Wash
The Super Wash Ball+ laundry ball has an anti-biotic agent which eliminates mold, pathogenic organisms(bacteria) and unpleasant odors.
No More Bleach, No More Softeners!
With the combined functions of the Super Wash Ball+ laundry ball, it is unnecessary to add bleaching agent, fabric softener and other chemically made washing additives.
Economical & Environmental Friendly
The Super Wash Ball+ laundry ball can be used total of 1000 times(or more) for regular washes so it is economically reasonable and also preserves the environment!

Average people in the U.S. spends 40¢ per laundry. With Super Wash Ball+ laundry balls, it only costs 3¢ per laundry. This is 10x plus savings. You can also save time and energy for Super Wash Ball+ for its revolutionary patent technology will significantly shorten amount of time it takes to do laundry. This is $460 in saving!
Super Wash Ball+ is eco friendly, it is the new green and clean way to do your laundry.

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