Super Wash Ball faqs

I have allergies and eczema, can I use it?
It is hypo-allergenic and safe to use for those with sensitive skin and allergies (atopic dermatitis, eczema). It's a must have product for those suffering from the irritation caused by the harsh chemical laundry detergents, the money and time saving is an added bonus!!
How long will they last?
The Super Wash ball will last over 3 years depending on the number of washes. The 3 year life span is based on daily use of the SWB. Basically, it will last you well over the 3 years of expected life span.
Can I use fabric softener?
Yes, but the Super Wash Balls increase the pH level of the water, which naturally softens the clothes so you don't need to use a fabric softener. Be aware that most fabric softeners contain toxic chemicals. We breathe the aromatic molecules in the air near the clothes or absorb them through the skin via direct contact with the clothes (which, by design, retain some of the fabric softener molecules). If you must use Fabric Softener, please use environmentally safe products. Or use a small, diluted amount to add subtle fragrance when the clothes are very smelly. A natural fabric softener is white vinegar, just add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle.
Is there any special maintenance required?
Dry laundry ball in sunlight(1~2 hours) at least once a month for higher performance
Can I hand wash?
Just pre-soak the balls in a bucket of water for 10~20 minutes and then wash
How can I get a cleaner wash?
The balls work a bit more efficiently in warm water rather than cold, so put your laundry together and use warm water.
Make sure the laundry balls are in the water for at least 30 minutes, if you have a shorter cycle, fill up your machine and soak the laundry balls with the clothes and water in the washing machine for 30 minutes before washing as usual (or overnight is better).
SWB need at least 20 minutes to change the pH of the water, which is what opens up the fabric to clean out the dirt. Use this soaking overnight method on heavily soiled laundry
Do not overload your machine. The balls need room to move in the machine.
Are they safe for my septic system?
Yes, they do not contain toxic chemicals and the alkaline pH will help reduce bacteria. They do not contain added anti bacterial agents, the minerals have natural anti bacterial properties
How do the Super Wash Balls work?
Activated molecules (ionized oxygen) are released during the wash; these molecules will raise the pH level of the water and soften the water and fabric. This allows for the movement of water in the machine to penetrate the fabric and lift the soil.
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