Introducing Super Wash Ball+ a new clean, green and economical way to do your laundry.

This revolutionary product uses natural ceramic combined with patent water technology to eliminate bacteria as well as increasing cleaning effect of water, raising the pH level to remove stains.

Super Wash Ball+ laundry ball is completely chemical free and it does not contain harmful chemical substances which is one of the leading causes for Skin Rash disease. Well Green Life

Manufactured in South Korea by Biocera Co. LTD.

You will save more and do more. Patent Ceramic will shorten the amount of time spent on your laundry. With Super Wash Ball+ you can do 1000 load and plus.

01Save energy

02Save time

03Save money

How to use Super Wash Ball

01Just do your Laundry as you normally would.

02Insert the Super Wash Ball+ into the washing            machine along with your laundry.

03Use 1 set (2 Super Wash Ball+) to enhance the            washing effect when the laundry exceeds 10lbs.

Additional options to enhance use

Dry laundry ball in sunlight(1~2 hours) at least once a month for higher performance and to preserve function of the ball to detain longer usage if possible.

Super Wash Ball+ has the function of softening and bleaching effect. But you may add softening or bleaching materials. (Optional)
Well Green Life
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