Air Jet Showerhead High Efficiency Shower

Air Jet Showerhead

Save Half the Water and Double the Pressure

How it Works

A vacuum valve is built at the bottom of shower head to increase water pressure. The valve sucks in outside air through atmospheric pressure differences. This forms compressed air doubles which are expanded rapidly at the top of the shower head, causing explosions of extra pressure.

Save Water

Air Jet Shower Conventional Shower
Air Jet uses 40 ~ 50% less water than conventional shower heads under the same conditions.
Released on KBS (Korean Broadcasting Media) - images below a & b

Compare the before and after Air Intake
Well Green Life
Before Air Intake : 10 psi
Well Green Life
After Air Intake : 20 psi
Well Green Life
a. Before Air Intake
Well Green Life
b. After Air Intake
Well Green Life
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