Air Jet Showerhead Features


Air Jet Showerhead New Technology
Vacuum valve air pressure system is a world’s first!

Saving Water
Save 40 ~ 50% water without sacrificing comfort!

Increase Pressure
High pressured system will give you the most satisfying shower!

Distinctive Features
  • Made for durability with shock-resistant ABS resin.
  • Built with Silicon Orings which endure high temperatures.
  • A 4 ring, strong water hose connective section prevents any breaking of the shower heads.
  • Perfectly engineered curvature angle for the most satisfying showers.

Fixed Mount

Air Jet Showerhead Check Valve
A reverse-flowing breaker prevents any unnecessary backwards flow.

Easy to Install
Compatible with all typical residential water pipes. Screws on within minutes.

Designed for Durability
Double sprinkling action prevents shock or excess pressure build up from within.

Distinctive Features
  • Made with a polycarbonate body to withstand strong air expansion pressures.
  • Internal UV coating prevents slime build up.
  • Compatible with all typical home showers.
  • Bell-shaped design for more water coverage.
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