Air Jet Shower Head faqs

Are your products compatible with the ones made by other companies?
Yes, our full products are almost perfectly compatible with any one you have locally or overseas because identical dimension is applied(except for some Japanese products)
Can the water pressure be twice as strong even if there's low-water pressurization?
When you say the water pressure is low, it means the fluidity is low. The criterion of water fluidity that makes a person to feel little discomfort is not more than 8 liter/min. Our product, though admitting that it is not always reachable up to double point of the present pressure level, is a good alternative for you because it is also increasing pressure to some extent.
It is unbelievable the showerhead is expected to reach max 50% of water saving.
The max water saving ratio 50% is subject to how many liters of water per minute were consumed before the facilitation. Our water-saving showerhead specially designed to minimize the waste of water is recommended to use min 8-liter/min because the lower the water volume in a bath degrades the feel of showering, resulting in longer use of a showerhead. In other words, the best usability requires the min 8-liter a minute all the time. Our experimental data shows that approx 50% of water-saving ratio is achievable when the conventional water outlet volume was around 16 liters per minute. If the old value was 12 liters, the ratio decreases to 33%. Namely, the water-saving ratio defines a percent value supposing that your past consumption of water volume is reduced to 8 liters per minute
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