Air Jet Showerhead About Product
Well Green Life

Save 40 ~ 50% Water
Guaranteed Super High Pressure

With its innovative technology, AirJet saves water and money without sacrificing pleasure. Plus it is durable and easy to use for everyone.

01Air Jet Showerhead Hand-held

Well Green Life

Vacuum Valve Technology. The Best Shower of Today. Feel The Difference!

KSAJ-200 / ABS in White

KSAJ-300 / Transparent ABS in the Nude

KSAJ-400 / Chrome / Hand-held Showerhead

02Air Jet Showerhead Fixed-mount

Choose the eco-friendly Air Jet for Durability & Pleasure.

Well Green Life

KSAJ-100 / ABS in Black

Well Green Life

KSAJ-100 / ABS in Chrome

Well Green Life
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